To help minimize so-called “curiosity clicks” that typically do not lead to conversions on the merchants’ side, we updated the eMiniMalls units to drive qualified clicks. Hence, eMiniMalls users will notice a dip in the overall click through rate (and hence the overall revenue). While we do strongly believe that in the long run everyone will benefit from our efforts to optimize this eMiniMalls (beta) service, we do recognize that in the short term this might lead to potential drops in revenue for some of our publishers. To best compensate for any potential revenue loss, we are issuing a network-wide 10% bonus through the end of November.

A couple of other features/changes coming down the pipeline in November:

1. An option to set alternate urls

2. Geo targeting: Visitors from UK will see matching deals from UK merchants.

(Update: For more detailed explanation/clarifications please see our recent post titled Curiosity Clicks. )