Hot off the press! Joel just completed publishing a wonderful book on eMiniMalls. This book includes a detailed overview of Chitika’s eMiniMalls along with several useful tips and tricks, such as:

  1. How to change the colors of fonts and titles, and which colors to choose to get the largest number of clicks
  2. Where to put the eMiniMalls to maximize interest, clicks and revenues
  3. The optimal number of eMiniMalls to put on your Web pages
  4. How to make eMiniMalls compatible with AdSense and YPN, and how to make them work together for maximum profits
  5. How to create channels and which channels to create to gather the information you need to make smart decisions
  6. Case studies featuring optimal integration of eMiniMalls!

And lots more … A highly recommended comprehensive guide to our eMiniMalls . For more details on how to purchase this book directly from Joel, please check out his website: