Updated reporting process: During the first week of December, we made some enhancements to our daily reporting system. Key changes:

  1. Daily filtering of clicks from countries currently not supported in the eMiniMalls program: Instead of waiting till the end of the month for the audit process to filter out non-revenue earning clicks from unsupported countries, we are now filtering out those clicks from the daily reports. Please note though that daily reports are for directional purposes only. The final revenues are calculated after the audit process that takes into consideration factors like click fraud, merchant feedback, merchant chargebacks, etc. Our goal is to continue enhancing the reporting process as much as possible and decrease the differences between the daily and monthly (post audit) stats.
  2. Faster daily updates: You can expect to see a faster turn around time for the daily reports.

Expansion into Europe: Following our expansion into UK, we have now begun phased testing of regional merchants listings in the following countries: France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden, and Netherlands. With geo-targeting in place, we are now able to display regional promotions and offers to visitors from Europe.