The first thing you notice when looking at anything whether it be a cereal box or a website is the COLOR. It catches the eye and stands out BAM! Yelling and screaming at you saying “look at me!” So what does this have to do with eMiniMalls? Everything. The color you choose as the background and font will depend on if you have chosen the right recipe for the content of your site. What the heck am I talking about? It is important that you match your eMiniMalls unit colors the best you can to the colors of your site. Why? Because this will say a lot about your personalized unit & help you generate more $.

Ok now that I have your attention.. Lets take the traditional great white background for example.. your eMiniMalls unit should also have this same white background. Or have you chosen the mystique black background? Our units also come in black! What is your content color? Yellow? Green? Match the font color to your content. This integration will add marshmallows to your boring cereal!

Eye Candy. People love variety, so changing up the colors of your unit once in a while will attract some new & old visitors to your fabulous unit!

Border Line. One kind of cereal isn’t great for everyone, neither are borders. Do you have other bordered content on your page? If so, placing a border around your unit may be a great accessory.

And there you have it! Marshmallows, Eye Candy, & Borderlines.. All make for a perfect color customization recipe for your site! Stay tuned for more recipes!

Posted by Karla Escolas – Sales Manager