While eating breakfast this morning, the recipe for cocoa banana muffins on the cereal box caught my attention. Recipes on labels and boxes have long been a popular way for food companies to supply home cooks with new ways to use and enjoy their product. In fact some of the most popular recipes: Nestle’s Toll House cookies, Lipton Onion Dip, Chex Mix and Rice Krispy Treats first got introduced via pamphlets or on can labels. On that note, we are now introducing eMiniMalls Recipes, a series of short blog posts with simple and quick to use tips and tricks to best maximize your revenue from eMiniMalls. Karla Escolas, our Sales Manager kicks off this series with the “colors recipe”.

  • Chitika eMiniMalls Colors Recipe
  • Chitika eMiniMalls Recipe for Top Products in a Category
  • Recipe for Content Integrated Chitika eMiniMalls

Posted by Venkat Kolluri – CEO