Lets face it, when something is unclear; we tend to get a little weary about trying it. Lets put an end to our worries about category hints and figure out when it benefits to use it, and when it doesn’t. Category hint myth answered When you select a category hint in the code panel, lets say our Digital Camera category hint, code #7185, the system will not rotate between this category and your set of keywords. If you are using an array of keywords, your unit will show ads based on the search results for those words. The only time a product is shown from the category, is when one of your keywords fail to show a relevant ad using the category hint as a fallback, thus avoiding the no-fun network defaults that used to show up (before we launched the category hints feature). If you have particular products you want shown, then using a category is not right for you. However, if your site is generally about digital cameras or MP3 players, then rotating through categories will save you time from picking out all MP3 player keywords, instead it will automatically rotate between all the related products you need! Your most common questions answered:

“I am using keyword “Panasonic 5.8 GHz 2-Line Cordless Phone”; why is my unit showing another Panasonic item instead of using the category I chose?”

The system will find that exact product or show another Panasonic product before using a fallback. Once the system finds nothing related to your keyword, it will then use a product in the category list.

“I am using the keyword “laptop” along with the category hint “Mac Laptops”; why is my unit showing an IBM laptop?”

The system will first try to find matching products for the “keyword” and will rely on the “category hint” only when it fails to find any matching results for the specified keyword. Although we have 26 categories to choose from, not everyone will find one specifically for their site. One thing you could do is run with our Season Specials category. This category is compiled of the latest products ranging from digital cameras to MP3 players & other electronics. This category is great for a site featuring many different kinds of products. Need help with keywords & selecting a category? A member of our support staff can personally help you find the best matches for your site. Still haven’t looked at what categories we offer? View all 26 categories.