Tim Flight of GPSReview.net has doubled his revenue! Let’s hear a few words from this much liked Chitika publisher shall we?

Tim has been a successful Chitika user for 9 months. He has a fantastic GPS site in which he has integrated eMiniMalls wonderfully! So what does he like about Chitika?

“Chitika gives me the ability to provide targeted ads 100% of the time. With purely contextual advertising solutions ad relevancy is often a challenge. Jeremy Wright (President of b5media) mentioned recently that the future of online advertising is to be able to provide the right ad, to the right visitor, at the right time. With Chitika’s eMinMalls I can decide exactly what ad to display. Although this takes more work initially to setup, the benefits are staggering.”

Doubling your revenue with Chitika in one month’s time is amazing, how did it happen?

“On May 1st I implemented a new template. The “wireframe” of the site really wasn’t much different from the new site to the old. Frankly, I was a little worried at first about the new template not knowing how it might impact my CTR. Thankfully my CTR didn’t drop, in fact it increased about 50%. The changes I made were not major and the overall positioning and number of ads didn’t change. I went through my site and tried to think of my site from the visitor’s perspective. I asked myself “What type of information would a consumer be most interested in at this point on the page” and picked the eMiniMall which best presented that information.”

If you were given control for a day, what would you improve in Chitika?

“I would like to see an “Expanded Blog Banner”. I would make it about 468×250 and on the ‘Best Deals’ tab increase the number of offers shown to five rather than three stores. Even if the additional offers would earn less per click it would provide a better service to my visitors.”

When he’s not dedicating his time to his website, what does he do for fun? Wait! Do people actually spend time away from their computer?

“I enjoy lots of outdoor activities. I enjoy snowboarding and snowshoeing in the Winter. During the summer I can most often be found on my mountain bike. When not doing those things I enjoy flying. A few years ago I got my private pilot license so I can chase down those “$100 hamburgers” and go to fly-ins. I think part of May’s earnings will go towards a new kayak. There are many lakes around this area of Maine to explore.”

For those of us who are not quite sure what snowshoeing is (had to look it up myself).. snowshoes are used for walking in the snow, guiding you by balancing your weight so you do not sink into high piles of snow. People enjoy snowshoeing for recreational purposes, like our friend Tim Flight here, & others, for exercise. What websites do you like to visit in your free time?

“Space.com, NOAA, and anything to do with earth science or maps. I’m a bit of a weather/science junkie. I could (okay some days I do) spend hours looking at weather maps, planetary maps, topographic maps, etc. Earth science fascinates me so GPS is a natural extension of that passion.”

Tim Flight will be happy to know I did my homework.. NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration). And hey, we all have our guilty pleasures, mine is eBay, shh.

Karla Escolas- Chitika CRM Manager