With billions of ads served, thousands of payments sent, how do we get any sleep? We don’t. And we wouldn’t have it any other way! We are just as excited as you are about your earnings, so why wait! At Chitika, you receive money into your paypal account as soon as you reach $10.00! And when you accumulate $50.00 by check. For this very reason, paypal is our default payment method. If you are not sure which method you are using, login and update your payment status by clicking on Account, then Payee Information. Here you can also select our Payment Hold Option up to $1000.00.  

You keep it, we insist. We know that service fees can really add up, that is why Chitika doesn’t charge our users a fee for paypal. We believe more money in our clients pocket, makes a happy publisher. Payments are processed on a net 30 basis. This means, if you sign up on May 10th and accumulate a minimum of $10.00 by May 30th, you will receive your payment at the end of June. And check payments are sent soon after. Before payments go out for May’s revenue. Lets ensure a timely & hassle free delivery.

Double check: Have you put your paypal email address or your mailing address in your profile for us to send your payment to? Don’t have paypal? Sign up today.

Your payment questions answered:

  • “I received a paypal notification in my email but I do not have a paypal account.”

If you have received a paypal notification, this is because you did not sign up to receive a check payment instead of paypal. Remember, paypal is our default payment method. Login and update your profile by clicking on Account, then Payee Information. Your balance will be rolled onto your next check.

  • “What will happen if I choose not to accept the paypal payment?”

If you decide to decline the paypal payment because you do not have a paypal account, your balance will be forwarded onto next months payment.

  • “How long before the end of the month do I have to update my profile before my payment is already processed?”

You can update your profile at any time. But if you need to make changes for the current cycle, be sure to update this information before the 28th of the month.

Karla Escolas- Chitika CRM Manager