Catching up with our newest star, MPU (Multi-Product unit), for an interview wasn’t easy. With so many website requests, this star is in high demand. But we managed to steal 10 minutes of its time to answer some questions for the fans.  

How is it being under the pressure of all this fame so fast?

“Let me tell you, I am loving it!”

What is it about you that you think made you so famous?

“Well, it has to be my ability to show 4 products at once, I mean, people love the cool new look! I am interactive, which is more than I can say for some of those other units, I won’t name any names.”

What happens when someone puts in a keyword and there are no results?

“How annoying is that! I want a category please! By using a category, you can sit back and let me show the top products instead of showing something you don’t want, and it’s so easy.”

Do you have any plans to come in other sizes?

“Yes, but please give me time, I mean I just started in this business, ultimately I plan to offer more to my fans.”

On which kinds of websites do you work best?

“I am great in reviews on blogs, or on a site that talks about allot of products. I also prefer to be at the end of reviews or showcased with other great products.”

Any advise for your publishers?

“If you’re using keywords, make sure you’re using at least 10, since I like to show 4 at a time. My best advice is to use a category. This gives your visitors more choices & more money for you. You can find me in the code panel with the rest of the format sizes. Thank you to all of my fans who believe in me! Without you, I wouldn’t be here!”

Chitika Press