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We get a lot of questions from publishers asking whether their website is a good match. Whether they are looking to sign up or are already users. Let’s break down the eMiniMalls unit: Each unit features a product, (or if you are using the MPU unit, then 4) a description, review & best deals to buy. So where do we work best? On websites that also are featuring, talking about, or selling products. Although this is the obvious answer, we also have been known to work great on other kinds of sites, but you have to know how to put a spin on your unit in order for it to work for you.

Know your audience.

This is key. It doesn’t matter so much what your page is about, but rather, who comes there. Once you can put yourself in this position, then you can start thinking about what products to show on your pages.

Let’s get creative.

If your site is about cooking, featuring recipes, etc., you could be showing cooking accessories, like utensils, pots, pans, cutting boards.. you name it. Simply search for products in your own unit, or on our live demo unit on www.chitika.com. Maybe you have a floral gift shop with an affiliate site. Showcase other great gifts. Let’s squash the myth that Chitika only works great on technology sites. We feature a wide range of products from clothing to musical instruments. Browse our categories today to see if one is a good match for your site, so Chitika can do the work for you!

Karla Escolas-Chitika CRM Manager