So this co-worker of mine, Mike, an engineer here at Chitika would frequently tell me about some swimming thing he was into, I would usually just smile and nod, not thinking too much of his stories. Actually, half the time, I wasn’t even sure if he was telling the truth, I mean, doesn’t swimming class stop somewhere around middle school? Well, on a normal monday morning, Mike didn’t come to work. I asked around and found out he was attending a swimming competition in California.. (supposedly he told me, I dono.)  Well, when he came back the following Friday, I was astonished to learn that our dear friend Mike won a world record! Maybe I should have listened to him a bit more? I dropped everything and scheduled an interview with our own Chitika superstar. Mike, when did you start swimming?

“I started swimming competitively at the age of 7.”

Tell me more about your swimming career?

“I qualified for the Olympic Trials in 1988, 1992 and 1996. In college, I swam the backstroke leg of a NCAA winning relay in 1989 and 1990. As a Masters swimmer, I have won several national titles and have set a few world records in my age group (35-39).”

Mike, ok all we really care about is what world records you broke!

“Hey, I don’t ask you what world records you have!”

Mike, really we aren’t here to boast about me, we really want to hear about you.

Oh, alright. I just set the long course 100 meter backstroke record for men aged 35-39. I also hold the long course 50 meter backstroke, the long course 100 meter butterfly, the short course 50 meter backstroke and the short course 100 meter backstroke. I may have one or two US Masters records, as well.

Well! What about Chitika, done anything cool here?

Launching Chitika | ShopLinc was a pretty big accomplishment. I also didn’t have to wear a skimpy bathing suit for that, so that was a plus.

So I guess you could say that when your not working on ShopLincs, your breaking world records.

“Ya I guess, are we done? Cuz I got work to do.”

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