While reading Problogger’s article about Amazon aStore in iFrames (Link), we said to ourselves — “Hey, that makes sense. We should support that for our CPC-based Chitika | ShopLinc right out of the box” .. (Oh yeah — we read the comments too!) So we went ahead and did it .. we made the necessary enhancements and now you can embed Chitika | ShopLinc right into your website or blog. And we made it as simple as a copy-paste of two lines of html. For the step by step guide, here is the Knowledgebase Article. And here is our little demo that we put together in two minutes. So why is this cool ?

  • You get to host a shop within your website and your domain that looks completely integrated with your site [Quote shamelessly borrowed from Problogger]
  • We created a “Iframeable template” that fits in nicely with your content pane and minimizes any look and feel issues. [Krista’s Concern]
  • With a little server side coding, you can have the iframe open straight to a particular product. 

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