You applied for your very own ShopLinc and were approved – Bam! You configured your ShopLinc – Biff! You checked your revenue reports… wait a minute, where is the “Pow!”? Sure, ShopLinc is a merchandizing tool of heroic proportions, but just like some super heroes, ShopLinc’s power is limited. Remember Batman? Sure you do. The thing about Batman is that he doesn’t really HAVE super powers. Sure, he has above average wealth which allows him to make a few gizmos like his Utility Belt, but Batman’s true power comes from his intellect. Your ShopLinc is like Batman. No wait! You are like Batman! No. Your ShopLinc is like a tool in your Utility Belt. No! Um… Your ShopLinc is like the Batmobile? Okay, maybe I am reaching too hard for this analogy. Anyway, the point is this: if you want your ShopLinc to be effective, you need to get your readers to your ShopLinc.

Putting the “Pow!” in your ShopLinc:

Assuming that you have forgiven my analogy-gone-bad, let’s talk about getting your ShopLinc to really perform. “How?”, you ask. Elementary, my young ward.

  • Open the doors to your shop – if you want your ShopLinc to prove its effectiveness you need to give your readers a way to get to your ShopLinc. The best methods?
    • Deep Link – This may take a little leg work, but this really is the most effective method. ShopLinc was designed to allow for you to easily link directly to the most effective pages. Think about it, your reader is perusing your intriguing review on Laser Guided Scissors (thanks Gadgeteer) and they are convinced, “I must have you, Laser Guided Scissors”. What could be more effective than a link to your ShopLinc? Try it yourself.
    • Let ’em SearchAlways wanted a search box to your own store? Now here is your chance. ShopLinc actually has two tools designed to help you. Login and try it yourself. Try a ShopLinc search box or the Interactive Product Search Unit.
    • ShopLinc Link – If neither of these methods work for you, simply add a well placed link to your Shop. Be forewarned, though, this is not nearly as effective.
  • Customization – ShopLinc was designed to be your online shop. We put a lot of effort into allowing you to customize your site to look like a shop that you would design. Now, make it YOUR shop!
    • Be the Expert – Let your visitors know that this is your shop. Update your expert information. Display an image of yourself. Let your visitors know that they are shopping with you, the expert.
    • Look the Part – from background colors, to fonts, to headers and footers, we let you customize your ShopLinc to look like your blog.
    • Use Your Domain – this isn’t some sort of glorified vanity plate. We went out of our way to allow you to have a ShopLinc url under your domain (eg. Learn more.

Well, I think my work, here, is done. I have other analogies to work on. Nanananana ShopLincs! Posted by Mike Ross (Super Hero Training)