The #1 referral program on the Internet just came with extra protection, for everyone. With the holiday shopping season upon us, you are probably faced with a tragic fact:

My October 2005 referral revenue stream is coming to an end thanks to the 12 month limit on the referral program!

Slam! Right smack in the middle of the holiday shopping season. We simply could not let that happen. We just extended the referral revenue stream from 12 to 15 months! For example: If you referred someone in October 2005, your referral revenue will continue through January 2007. On the same lines, if you refer someone now, your referral revenue stream will continue through January 2008 (thus keeping you safe through the 2007 shopping season as well!)

Who does this benefit the most? Anyone who referred publishers to Chitika during Q4 last year (2005). Without this change, that revenue stream would essentially have stopped this month (and next) — thus missing out on the upcoming holiday shopping season. This change eliminates that problem for those referrers. Happy Holiday Shopping!