Another reason to dote upon our service? Uh, why not! (gulp. smile. eyes wide. pride showing) We gladly put our best foot forward. Our absolute favorite thing to do here at Chitika, is personally reach out to our publishers. We can’t help it. We like to be able to put a name, face and personality to a publisher ID and website. We want to know what you like to do in your spare time. And we’ll tell you too, just ask! Some of our publishers already know this about us, because we work closely with most of them already. So we thought to ourselves, “how can we get to know everyone, even those that may be a little computer shy? I’ve got an idea! An online community, one where people are already used to going and are comfortable with. I’ll call it a…… forum!” For those who have not yet checked out Chitika SPHERE, you are missing out on some great discussions between our publishers and the Chitika staff. Once you do, you will see we have made sure it has a personal touch to it. No questions will go unanswered, and if you can manage to stump us on a question, we will try our best anyway. Hey, we are human too.

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