Chitika SPHERE becomes a success with many publisher requests! Our goal when we launched Chitika SPHERE, was to create an in-house forum for Chitika members to meet, talk about what works for them, what doesn’t and share some tips and tricks. Chitika SPHERE has become this and more! We have created a personal environment for members to interact with Chitika engineers & client service employees to request some cool new stuff. This has been a great resource for us to hear what you have to say!

4 immediate actions we took:

  • New RPU sizes.

In addition to our current size: 468×120, we have added the following new sizes: 468×90, 300×250 and 250×250. View them all here. You can get the new sizes by logging into the code generator.

“Thank you for introducing the new sizes. We recently implemented the 300×250 on one of our sites. After gathering statistics over the past few days, it was determined that we experienced a 13% increase in average page eCPM since adding the unit.” -leapforward

If you do not currently use RPU’s, but would like to, check out the criteria requirments our client services rep Ryan Travis has put together.

  • Default tab options.

Tim Flight, from asked, “I would like to see the default tab parameter “ch_default_tab” expanded so that we can specify more than one tab to use as a fallback in case other tabs happen to not be available.” Read the solution from Chitika SPHERE’s EngineeringGrunt.

  • Feed me RSS!

You can now subscribe to Chitika SPHERE’s RSS feed for when you don’t have time to check all new posts. Directly subscribe to SPHERE’s RSS.

  • I want it!

We introduced ShopCloud$ as a new test product exclusively through the forum, and received many requests to try it out! One of the many great reasons to be part of the forum! So what are you waiting for! Register, and be part of the group who gets to try new things first from Chitika! This is the start of many new features we hope to offer our users! The only way to make sure you are taking full advantage of the Chitika staff is to register. -Karla Escolas