SPHERE SUCCESS! The Chitika forum has become such a fantastic place to exchange tips along with great experience point-of-views, that I almost wish we opened it sooner. Whether you are a beginner “Chitikan”, a proud long-standing user or a non-user, the forum has a little something for everyone.

What Chitika SPHERE has brought to the blogosphere is real members with real solutions to help you make the right optimization choices and increase your site revenue.

BE IN THE KNOW. What SPHERE does ultimately is bring awareness to those who may have heard about Chitika and want to learn more. I believe it is the #1 resource to learn about what Chitika is all about and how it will benefit you. With the revamp of the website, we wanted to accomplish one thing: That when you come to chitika.com to be able to find out in 30 seconds who we are, what we offer and what is new as of today. What SPHERE brings to this message, is proof that these features work and how to make the best use of each service Chitika offers, using “pearls of wisdom” from actual member experiences.

Some cool tips from the forum.

Backing up your Adsense ads with Chitika

Where to position the right types of ads


-Karla Escolas Chitika, Inc. Marketing Manager