Optimization experts to the rescue. The famous holiday frenzy is upon us. There is a good chance that your blog/website could use some optimizations. Which is why we keep some Chitika experts locked up in a room, memorizing all sorts of great ideas and tips to give all our users, (kidding about the locking thing). Our optimization nerds, (oops, I mean extremely smart guys) can help you with things you may not even realized you needed. They are trained to specifically cater eMiniMalls, ShopLinc, ShopCloud$ and other features, to your blog/website the best ways possible. 3 Ways to receive expert help:

  • Contact your Chitika client support specialist.
  • Contact customer support using the subject line, “Client Support Optimization”.
  • Join in on the discussion on Chitika SPHERE and receive expert optimization reviews from the staff and other members.

Are you the “do it yourself” type? Here are 3 quick tips to try on your own:

Placement Although you have the choice to put your eMiniMalls in any position you want on your web page, some places have been shown to be more effective than others.

Style-Look and Feel It has been shown that CTR from eMiniMalls is significantly influenced by the ad’s overall aesthetics. “Well, how should they look?” you ask. Although this varies based on your website (every site’s audience is different, so there is no single clear-cut answers here), the general rule of thumb is that you want to have your eMiniMalls “blend in” with the rest of your page.

Integrating Multiple eMiniMalls units A great feature of Chitika eMiniMalls is that you can use an unlimited number on your web page. While we certainly don’t recommend plastering your page with hundreds of eMiniMalls, we have found that using up to 3 of the ad units on your page can be effective, especially if they are targeted differently.