You have some units on your blog/website, so now you are ready for this year’s holiday shopping season? Wrong. There may be some things you are missing. Here are some quick tips.

Keeping your eMiniMalls in line. I know what you’re thinking.. “I’ll just place my eMiniMalls unit over here for now, and when it comes time to place it in its most effective area, I’ll move it. How long ago was that again? Where did I say I would put it?” Well it’s time to start thinking about the potential of your Chitika revenue. It is important that you take a look at where your units are and whether or not they are in their most effective spots on your website. Just remember, between blog posts, end of reviews & after content:

What do you have to offer? The eMiniMalls unit shows your visitor a product image, not just text about products.. so with shopping on the brain, your eMiniMalls units could be just what your visitors are looking for! Or not? You have to be sure you are showing the right products. You know your visitors better than anyone, what do they want to see? Short on time? We understand. You can choose one of Chitika’s 44 product categories and let us do all the work for you!

More is better. And so is variety. Just one product! That was soo last season! Take full advantage of our multi product unit’s extra features and offer your visitors a unit that’s in this holiday season! ShopCloud$. A must have for all blogs! Do not go into this holiday shopping season without it! ShopCloud$, was designed to complement, not replace, your eMiniMalls units. Customize yours with the products you want to share with your visitors this holiday season.. and more!

Your own personalized shop! Get those product oriented blogs and websites ready for the best time of the year! Shopping season! Find out why some people prefer Chitika ShopLinc over their Amazon aStore!