Sitting at my desk this morning, like every morning, going through my daily routine, email, phone messages, call backs, coffee, notes, headphones, coffee, ebay, and catching up on some blogs, is when it hit me.. what if there was a place to blog away from blogging? Once you have established a blog or blogs, you have put on a mind set about a blog subject, but what about blogging itself? Have you ever, right in the middle of blogging, come up with a great idea and wished you could tell someone about it? You’ve crossed your 50th blog post woohoo! And think to yourself, I like blogging and I have become pretty good at it. I could teach someone a thing or two. While I am blogging, sometimes I wish I could re-think my blog tone and just talk about something else.. a blogging journal of some sort would be nice.

And with that, a place to write about blogging, is born.. Bloggers, beginners, underdogs, whatever you wish to be known as.. you are living proof there is dollars in blogging. And Chitika believes this so much, that our mission statement is literally: Blog$. This blogging guide titled: Blog$, was designed by me, to be filled in by other bloggers, you. Here, just about anything goes. So please share what you have to offer about the ‘art of blogging’. I have broken up the stages of blogging into 3 sections from beginnger to expert, in what I think each should be under. These can be changed, moved around, taken away or added to. Just speak up!