Did you know, you could not only put a cool revenue earning tag cloud on your blog/website, but also customize it with products of your choice and a cool title to attract your visitors? Chitika makes it possible with ShopCloud$.

Where to place ShopCloud$ ShopCloud$ work best below your page content. This has proved to be relevant just the same as RPU, because once your readers have read your article, they are in the mind set to find out more, or find other products.

ShopCloud$ tag sizes DO matter Don’t simply choose a cloud format size, a category and then run with the code. Chitika gives you full flexability to customize your cloud so you can get the look you want! So look at the cloud before you grab the code and see if it is going to stand out on your blog/site. If all the tag size keywords are the same size, adjust the tag size settings

How to get these results

Step 1: Choose size

Step 2: Choose category

Step 3: Choose tag max size, min size * Most importantly: choose a higher tags max size than the default setting you see. This will increase the number of keywords in your cloud, which is how the above result was achieved!

Personalize your cloud to say what you want! In place of the default “Hot Products”, use any text you want in the ShopCloud$ code panel.