Bloggers are now discovering premium products to generate Blog$.


Who says there are no dollars in blogs? In 2006 we successfully complemented our core eMiniMalls service with two new premium product suites, the CPC-based ShopLincs service and an intuitive but extremely effective premium RPU Network. With these three powerful premier revenue sources, thousands of bloggers have discovered how to take their earnings potential to the next level.

Our Mission: Blog$

“Since implementing RPU units, my Chitika revenue has averaged a 25% increase!” -Gail Bjork,

The success of the Related Product Unit lies in it’s simplicity. It is designed to do just what it says, display related product listings right below your article. And with ShopLincs, we were able to finally give bloggers their own shopping portal that is more than just a co-branded store. Bloggers can now show deals from thousands of name brand merchants. Created for premium bloggers/wannabe affiliate marketers.

I made 19 times as much money with Chitika last month than I did with Amazon.” -Tim Flight,

Let’s not forget the eMiniMalls 4th cousin eMiniMalls | MPU (Multi “four” Product Unit). This was the result of a simple question we asked ourselves: Why pick one when you can choose from four?

eMiniMalls has managed to turn graphic ads into interesting, interactive, info-packed bundles of fun that users find irresistible. And they pay too.” -Joel Comm,

The MPU also became the industry’s FIRST and ONLY “referral link enabled” unit available to publishers. This gave us the opportunity to improve on a referral program which was already the#1 program with a 10% revenue share commission over a period of 15, not 12 month term.

The guys at Chitika have been busy giving us users what we want. Way to go Chitika!” -Rick Blythe,

What a year! 2006 has been a blast. Here’s to our publishers, who helped us get here! Looking into the future, we are excited to be a part of this online merchandising revolution in the blogosphere. It is obvious the blogosphere is a spear moving forward, and we are happy to be a part of the influence that’s continually empowering the bloggers.

Happy Holidays from The Chitika Team!