One less thing you’ll have to do today is just a click away

You’ve got mail! It’s a E-card from your neice, you love those! Then while sipping your coffee, you receive your Chitika Channel Traffic Report you scheduled to get daily. It’s nice to get your stats without having to login to your Chitika account just to view them.

Get It Now To start receiving your reports in your email inbox daily, weekly or monthly, simply login, click Reports and then Report Management. Save as many reports as you would like!  

Why channels make your life easier Channels allow you detailed tracking on your eMiniMall units. Chitika allows you to specify your own channel names, so you can set meaningful names like “180×150 Side Unit” or “Home Page In the Morning”. Your reports can then be broken down by channel name. This allows you to break down the performance of your eMiniMalls units by metrics you define.

How about another cool feature? Now when you login to your Chitika account, you will be greeted with your total of payment’s to date and yesterdays unaudited earning in your account for your viewing convenience.