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Joel Comm is an Internet entrepreneur, best-selling author and owner of several sites including, and more. He is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on the subject of making money with Google AdSense and other internet and affiliate advertising programs. His recent book, The AdSense Code, topped at #1 on the Amazon marketplace and became a New York Times best seller. Joel continues to share his wisdom with the masses through his sites and various speaking engagements, and yes, he receives big fat paychecks from Google AdSense and other online revenue sources each and every month. We are excited to have Joel share some of these nuggets of wisdom on the topic of diversifying revenue on the Chitika Blog Bash!

Although Chitika’s products are great revenue-earners for any publisher, there’s no reason why you can’t use them together with other advertising programs. Because eMiniMalls and ShopCloud$ are so different to everything else out there, they’ll easily complement the other ads you offer users, without competing with them. Referral buttons and affiliate ads are probably the simplest ways to add revenues to income from Chitika. Amazon lets you pick from a huge range of products, and you can also try taking ads from one of the specialist affiliate companies such as Commission Junction or Performics. You will have to choose your ads very carefully though. One of the strengths of Chitika’s ads is that they offer your users very specific products. Because affiliate ads also offer product ads, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not offering ads for the same products in two different ways. A better strategy is to offer affiliate ads that provide good additions to the Chitika ads. So if your Chitika ad is showing a Nikon digital camera, you could try offering a book on Amazon that teaches digital photography. That could give you two good revenue-generators instead of one.

Similarly, AdSense has long been a favorite joint source of income for Chitika publishers. But Google’s ad units can compete for space on the page with eMiniMalls: both do well embedded into articles. If you have a site that focuses on products though, you should put the AdSense units above, below or next to the article and embed an eMiniMall into the text. The closer the eMiniMall appears to the discussion of the product, the better your results will be. The image will help to illustrate the article, and a well-blended AdSense unit can provide further reading for users when they reach the end of the post. Chitika can certainly be a major source of revenue for your site, but it can be even more profitable when you combine it cleverly with other programs too.