Take back control of customizing your ad units & increase your revenue! How can you take your earnings potential to the next level if you can’t customize your ad service in your own way? You can’t. The most important thing to remember while catering to your visitors and your revenue needs is, you know your viewers better than anyone. With that in mind, what can you do to make sure your giving your visitors what they need to help you purchase a larger wallet? eMiniMalls.

1. Chitika gives you full power to select your own products to display. With this YOU are in control. This is important because your website may be about kitchen appliances, however, YOU KNOW your visitors would be interested in purchasing smaller items for their kitchen, like knives. So you would simply choose products for the knives you would like to offer your readers.

2. Let’s make it even easier, select from a pre-defined set of categories, like: Home and Garden. Let’s face it, you want it all! We don’t blame you, in fact, take it! You want to be able to choose the ads you’d like to display, but you don’t have time to sit and think of them all. Done! There are 45 different pre-made categories, simply click and go!