Developer: Joomlaspan

About the Developer

Chitika eminimalls was a truly innovative and great idea for serving online ads and we were thrilled with an opportunity to make it that much easy to use for Joomla! webmasters. Joomla! being recognized as the best open source content management system makes it that much more relevant too, as it is very widely used. At Joomlaspan, we already had the Google AdSense module that had become very popular. We enjoyed developing the “Chitika eMinimalls Module” which was received by the Joomla! community. This will be continually developed too, to update the module with features available on Chitika. Some of our other popular modules for Joomla include the GSearch Pro and Joomla Translation Extensions both available at and many others at

How does the module work? It basically has all the features of Chitika eMinimalls built in. Instead of getting the ad code from the Chitika code generator and pasting it (which may lead to problems with some text editors), the user just selects the options in the Joomla administration backend and installing it. Using the same installation, users can have as many instances of the ads as they want and totally control the ads from within their Joomla! admin backend.

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