WINNER of $1001! Nancy Callahan

“I am elated about the prize. It couldn’t come at a better time: My fiancé and I are saving up to purchase a house, and the money will be extremely useful as part of the down payment. I can’t thank you guys enough. held a Group Writing Project last week & Chitika helped by sponsoring the winning prize of $1001! The winner of the project was Nancy Callahan for her entry Baby names from Video Games.

Nancy and Problogger

“I love ProBlogger — and this is coming from someone who isn’t even interested in making money (directly) from blogging. I think that says a lot about how cool ProBlogger is. For instance, Darren has posted recently about feed readers, creativity, personal branding, Technorati — topics applicable to any blog, whether monetized or not. The Group Writing Projects are especially fun — I think this is either the fifth or sixth time I’ve participated.”

Cool Facts About Nancy

  • She’s a native Cape Codder! Just 90 minutes from the main Chitika office!
  • When Nancy’s Baby Names launched in March of 2006, it was one of the first baby name blogs on the internet!
  • She’s been working on several baby name books lately, and started her blog as a way to help her reach and connect with people who wanted Baby Name information.
  • Nancy loves to talk with her readers! Contact Nancy here!