SOBCon-07 was an outstanding conference that I will remember forever. A room full of talented people sharing great ideas, challenging questions and tips on how to take one’s blog to the next level. As a sponsor from Chitika and a non-blogger, I learned a lot about being a good networker. Simply put, the conference was for both bloggers and non- bloggers.

Below is a video that captures the true spirit from SOBCON. It’s unedited footage from the conference. If you were not there, you truly missed out!

Some folks that left a big impression on me…

Terry Starbucker – A crowd energizer. “Somebody get those bloggers out of their chairs! Let’s do the blogger dance!”

Andy Sernovitz – Your speech drove it home – “give people a reason to talk about you!”

Liz Strauss – The veteran blogger. Thanks for your words of wisdom and also the opportunity to attend SOBCON.

Wendy Piersall – The biggest hugger! “Get outside your comfort zone.” Thank you for making me feel so welcome and at home! SOBCon was a conference I would recommend to experienced and novice bloggers alike. Please share my video with the world, I know you want to! Hats off to all the organizers and speakers that made this event a successful one.

Sharon, Strategic Partnerships (sharon [at] chitika [dot] com)