Everybody knows about his achievements, but what really differentiated Michael Jordan was his work ethic and his killer attitude. Here are 5 habits of his Airness — and how it applies to blogging. 

1. The Playoffs Are Way More Important Than the Regular Season

When it came to big games — Michael Jordan delivered (6 championship rings to be precise!). And that is what made him so great. When it comes to blogging, the championship game is “the scoop”. Its that piece of news or story you have that is completely unique — and nobody else has it. If you get the scoop, you get instant growth in readership — and you become a magnet for future scoops. Its not easy (Hey, who said winning championships was easy?), but it can be done.

2. The Last 2 Minutes Are More Important Than the First 46

In “crunch time”, Jordan would always demand the ball. When a big story is in play (e.g. “Paris Hilton in Jail”, “Google Buys Doubleclick” or whatever is “big” in your world of blogging), are you ready to demand the ball? What new perspecitives do you bring to the table? Are you adding to the story, or just reporting what Seth Godin, Robert Scoble or some other A-lister is saying?

3. Bring It — Everyday

Michael Jordan’s work ethic — on a daily basis — was legendary. He practiced hard and had a rigorous daily training schedule. What does this mean to you as a blogger ? Get into a rhythm. Get into what Problogger calls his “daily rhythm“. Ask yourself this question: what will get my readers back to my blog today? Most blog readers have attention deficit disorder, so keeping your blog fresh and vibrant is paramount.

4. Be Market Smart

Jordan wasn’t the only one to win a bunch of championship rings — but he was the man when it came to market savviness. He knew how to play the media and play the hearts of the TV-viewing public. As a blogger, you must build the relationships that elevate your status as a blogger. Why is this important? Because “Power attracts Power“. As you elevate your status as a blogger, you will notice more and more powerful entities attracted towards you (think: Michael Arrington of TechCrunch)

5. Make your teammates better

MJ was awesome when it came to getting the best out of his teammates; in some cases, they even made clutch 4th quarter shots to win championships instead of him. For you as a blogger, this is all about your community. They are your team — get them engaged. Get them rooting for you. And most of all: Show them the love. Make your readers famous. Show them some link love. Comments are open. Please feel free to add your own two cents. Posted by Alden DoRosario (alden [at] chitika [dot] com)

This post was inspired by Problogger’s Group Writing Project sponsored by Chitika.