Just got back from the largest global innovation conference, TiECON East 2007(June 14th- 16th). The event focused on the theme “Building a Competitive Edge through Innovation and Global Collaboration”. It was surely a conference of a lifetime. As usual, I was there representing Chitika and our innovative products.  

There was no better way to shrink the world of innovators and competitors into one building as explosive ideas and visions were shared. The keynote speakers included Ram Shriram, a member of the board of directors from Google and many others. 

Talk about intense networking; this was the place to be. I must confess – I made more friends by taking random pictures without asking for permission!:) My apologies to the VP’s from Merril Lynch. Hats off to all the organizers and sponsors of the event. Be sure to expect me at the next TiECON.