One important thing all RPU users have in common right now is how something so simple works so beautifully on their site.

“It was actually pretty easy to implement. And I am not surprised because it’s a very simple effective concept.” – Luigi, Owner,

I4U saw a 15% overall ad revenue increase after using the RPU…


1. The RPU is completely non-contextual and can be customized to match the EXACT look and feel of your site by modifying the RPU CSS!

2. Ever wonder why there’s a “What’s this?” link next to your RPU? That little link earns you referral revenue for 15 months!

3. The RPU is PRODUCT-centric not DEAL-centric. So when you’re blogging about a specific product, your visitors will see deals similar to YOUR product – not just other deals.

4. Have you ever been able to customize the title of your ad unit? RPU lets you name your unit! EXAMPLE CODE: ch_att = “Popular Related GPS”;

5. WHERE IT MAKES SENSE MAKES MONEY The RPU was specially designed to be placed right at the end of your blog post or story. This works perfectly in sync with a review of a product because once a visitor is done reviewing a product the RPU gives them the information to take their interest to the next level: purchasing options.

Are you Ready for the RPU?  

Questions and implementation contact tom(at)chitika(dot)com !