When deciding how to monetize your blog/website there are always questions that pop into your mind. Among the most popular is, “Can I use these services together?” Something you can keep in mind: Chitika allows their publishers to use any of their products with any other service.

When Chitika rocketed into the blogosphere, eMiniMalls was considered competition for Adsense, but the truth is Chitika complements Adsense quite nicely.

“If you have a site that focuses on products… you should put the AdSense units above, below or next to the article and embed an eMiniMall into the text.” -Joel Comm, joelcomm.com  

Which is pretty good news for those who want to use both or aren’t sure which would earn you more revenue each month.

Chitika | eMiniMalls Fast Facts:

  • Pays you per click!
  • Earn unlimited referral revenue for 15 months!
  • Provides and one of a kind shopping experience for your visitors!
  • Using with other ad services does not violate our Terms of Service

For more information about Chitika products on your site contact Tom Goldman tom(at)chitika(dot)com