In case you missed it, we recently joined the ranks of those creating applications for Facebook. Chitika’s new application iBought was created for people to show off the products they recently purchased. Now with a growing number of users (100+ so far), we’re creating ways for people to incorporate revenue streams through Facebook. Not too long ago Jason, one of our publishers, creatively developed a way to put Chitika | eMiniMalls within the pages of his Facebook application iBaseball so he could start earning pay per click revenue from Chitika on Facebook. Although successful, the code he created was not easy to use. The Chitika engineers went to work to create a way for anyone to put eMiniMalls on Facebook just as easily as you can on your website or blog. Now with Chitika’s new API you can easily put eMiniMalls within the pages of your Facebook application to start earning PPC revenue to your Chitika account.

“Being able to use the Chitika publisher interface to create the ad code is going to make it easy for anyone to copy and paste into an app and begin earning” says Jason.

Getting eMiniMalls on Facebook… Simply login, click the Facebook tab then copy and paste your code!

Now sure how to create a Facebook application? Step by step guide to creating a Facebook application from the Facebook folks themselves!

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