Who would you trust to choose what ad products are displayed on your pages? Someone who doesn’t know your readers at all? I hope not! We think it’s important that all our publishers have complete control over what is shown on the pages of your website; after all, you know what your readers are interested in better than a company who will target the ads for you. When you login you can choose your own products you want displayed in your ad units.

Simple changes, large results! The small things count and can go a long way; take Tony for example – he increased his revenue ten-fold by making simple changes. And he was only able to make those changes because he was using Chitika’s flexible products to properly relate his ad units to his blog.

Who else? Ian from eveythingusb.com, simply changed the title of his RPU from “Related Products Unit” to “Related iPod Cases”, “Related iPod Accessories”, this brought some attention to his RPU & highlighted some cool accessories related to his blog posts! And this is true with any of Chitika’s pay per click products. You can customize them all on each product code page to fit your pages perfectly.

What to do when you’re not sure of what’s best Only when you’re not sure what your readers may need is when we will give you personalized tips. Our experts take the time to look at your website or blog and tell you exactly what may help you increase your revenue.