Chitika has been known to start some pretty interesting buzz; even some fun controversy surrounding the company services, contests and events. So let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the most memorable discussions over the past year shall we? Here are the top five posts in five different categories. 

Most Popular

“Digg Traffic v/s Google Traffic – A Chitika Analysis Report” Who is more likely to click on an ad: Digg traffic or Google traffic? Using data from the billion+ ads served by Chitika over a 31 day period, this post made for an interesting analytical read. Speaking of Digg, this post received 749 diggs! 

Most Controversial

– “A Chitika Blog Dollars Study says 500 Million!” Chitika teamed up with the University of Texas for the first ever study estimating the revenue in the blogosphere. This study may have grabbed the interest of Tech Crunch but was it enough to sway everyone? The good news is this study was the first of many others that will consist of findings from richer data. So stay tuned… 

Biggest Event

Blog Bash -30 days 30 expert bloggers” April 2007 took on a new meaning when we brought together 30 of todays top expert blogging gurus to one place: The Chitika Blog! All thirty expert posts now make up Chitika’s eBook, “Deep Secrets of a Successful Blogging”. It’s a must read for bloggers of any level!

Most Helpful

“Open House Optimizations” Ever wondered if Chitika would work well on your blog or website? Chitika is the only company who will take the time to personally tell you! Submit your URL on Chitika’s official forum, Chitika SPHERE, and our experts will show you which products to use and how to use them.

Most asked question

“Chitika and Adsense together in one place?” Publishers are often surprised to hear that Chitika recommends that you use Chitika as a complement to Adsense on their pages instead of replacement. And even more important is the fact that Chitika is the only service with zero restrictions to using any of our products with other ad services! WOOHOO!

Posted by: Karla Escolas, Your Chitika CRM/Marketing “Buzz Girl”