Chitika’s unique & interactive pay per click products have brought fun & innovation to online shopping for years. With new products every year, we are sure to cater to every different kind of publisher. eMiniMalls Our flagship interactive product that gives your visitors a one on one experience with thousands of brand name products all within the unit. This makes for a one of a kind informed shopping decision! This product unit comes in many different sizes and is completely customizable. Show the products you want!

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Chitika’s Interactive Products

RPU or Related Product Unit Our most popular ad unit for it’s non-intrusive effect and high CTR is placed at the end of blog posts or product reviews. 

ShopLinc One of the only pay per click customizable shopping portals. Your expert reviews will be featured alongside the products you choose to endorse!

Owna A eye catching widget that you can place on your website, blog or myspace page. Show off the products you’ve bought or like and add your own tag line within the unit.

Linx This will intelligently identify key products/keywords within your content and hyper links (double underline) them to interactive paid (CPC-based) product listings featuring best deals, offers and promotions from name brand merchants.

ShopCloud$ This unit is best described as a tag cloud with a twist, and the twist is pay per click revenue! This unit also has AJAX-based technology that interacts and updates users’ searches automatically.

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