Just about a year ago Chitika SPHERE, our official forum, first opened to Chitika members as a place to meet other Chitika users and share some tips. Since opening the forum to everyone, SPHERE is now a place where we are taking the time to get to know non members and help guide them in deciding whether or not Chitika would do well on their website or blog.

I’ve been running this blog since October 2006. Would I benefit from Chitika ads on my blog? Thank you for your time and suggestions. -spaniard (forum member)

This is just one of many questions asked in Chitika SPHERE’s Open House Expert Optimizations.

Have you ever wanted to know if something would make you money without having to test it out first? Now you can find out if Chitika would be a good match for your site before having to sign up and wait. Because, not only will we tell you if we are a good match, but we will also tell you which products would work well on your site and where! Anyone can find out if Chitika will be a good match for their blog or website! Create your user name!