1. Get Price Alerts Chitika | ShopLinc went mobile this year with a neat little feature that goes sale shopping for you. Receive a text message to your cell phone or an email when your favorite item goes on sale!

2. Win Chitika’s Creative Creations contest We are constantly browsing through our publisher network to find the best and most effective Chitika product integrations and award them prizes. Submit your site if you think you have what it takes & you could be our next winner!

3. Use your Chitika login as instant access to Shlogging.com Shlogging.com is Chitika’s user driven community dedicated to finding the best deals on and off the internet. As a member you can submit a deal you know about for others to Shlog or Flog, or find the best deals to use while shopping!

4. Be the first to know and test out new products Chitika wants your feedback! In Chitika SPHERE you can be part of the group of product testers and influential speakers of product development. FORUM THREAD: “TOP NEWS! What’s In It For You?”

5. Become a featured Chitika developer in our Developers Grove We want you in the developers spotlight! If you have developed, or need help finishing a widget design we can help. Download widgets for Word Press, Moveable Type, Joomla and Mambo and more!

Do you think Chitika should offer other cool features and services? Tell us! Comments are open. Or discuss any of these items in our forum, Chitika SPHERE.