Tom Goldman… no ordinary sales guy!  

What do you do for publishers at Chitika? Basically I help publishers generate revenue through Chitika’s suite of advertising units. The ultimate goal is to help my publishers monetize their site to its fullest.

What do you find is the most asked question or request? How much $ will I make? It is a good but tough question to answer, because so many factors go into it, like Alexa rank, impressions, SEO and SEM techniques, ad placement, etc. I am honest with all of my prospects and clients: we have some clients making 30 cents a day and some making $300. The eCPM can be as low as .05 and as high as $15.00. I therefore strive to work with my clients to continuously increase their average daily $ amount and eCPM as time goes on.

If you could mass-email all publishers current or potential what do you wish you could tell them? “Chitika specializes in placing interactive ads on over 15,000 bloggers’ Web sites — is that something that may interest you?” 🙂 I always let all of my prospects know that I’ve pre-qualified their site, and I know that they would be a good fit with Chitika, based on how similar sites are doing, and it is a good time to try Chitika as you gear up for the holiday shopping season. Therefore, Chitika offers a proven revenue stream, and we don’t even require any contract– if our ads don’t work for you, you can drop us like a hot potato.

What is the most helpful advice for a new and existing publisher that you have? For new, it is “don’t quit your day job”. For existing, it is “make sure to diversify your revenue stream– if you’re getting most of your income from Google, for example, and they change their terms of service on you, your revenue stream may take a big dive.”

as being a Sales Executive taught you anything? After 18 years of being a Sales Executive, I’ve learned to be honest, a good listener and ya gotta develop a thick skin, because you will be hearing people say to you, “please don’t contact me ever again…”

What concerns do you have? Global warming and the Red Sox 🙂

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