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Want to know what motivated Tomaz of to start optimizing his revenue? This guest blogger wants to share how he took his highest-paying ads and was able to increase his revenue just by making simple changes in placement. Was it really worth all the effort?

When I first created my Vacuum Cleaner Reviews site in July 2006, I planned on using Google Adsense and the Amazon affiliate program as my main monetization services. When the site started to receive more than 400 visitors per day, I realized that the Amazon program was not really effective. This was because with Amazon you are paid CPA (per sale) and I had thousands of clicks but only a few sales. I thought to myself, if only someone would pay per click… 😉

And then I discovered Chitika eMiniMalls! My website was accepted to the program and I started experimenting with the ads immediately. Chitika outperformed Amazon by at least 5 times! They even came close to my Adsense earnings even though I had all the Chitika ads placed below the fold. This motivated me to painstakingly 😉 replace all the Amazon affiliate links from more than 100 pages of content with Chitika eMiniMalls. The end result was worth the effort – Chitika ads make my site look better and the earnings have been growing with my traffic. I have been since then trying to optimize the ads and find other ways to increase the revenue with Chitika ads.

Why this worked for me… One of the ways to improve the CTR of Chitika (and Adsense) ads is to combine them in a way that complies with the Terms of Service of both programs. I have found 7 combinations of Chitika and Adsense ads that work really well. Another way I was able to increase the revenue of my ads was to track which brands of vacuum cleaners pay more per click. That’s quite easy to track with channels. I realized that some of the vacuum brands pay twice as much as the others. I then rearranged my navigation menu so that the higher paying brands were higher on the menu. You can read more about this in my blog post “How I Increased My Daily Adsense and Chitika Earnings by 20% in 10 Minutes”.

What’s Next… My plans are to continue growing and plan similar types of websites that have product reviews and can be monetized with Chitika ads.

Perhaps one final tip for all webmasters looking to earn more money online – this is a long term project and it usually takes 9 to 12 months before you start seeing some traffic and revenue. Plan your website with Chitika ads in mind but first focus on creating lots of great content and getting traffic to your website. Once you have that, leave the rest to Chitika and you’ll be very happy to check the numbers in your account! 

-By Tomaz  

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