“Holiday” expert optimizations have definitely surpassed last years’ expectations! With over 700 discussions and over 84,ooo views in SPHERE Optimizations alone, it has been something we’ve enjoyed providing for our publishers almost an entire year now đŸ™‚

What We learned: Don’t restrict your project name with a seasonal description. (By using the name “holiday.”) Just to make it official, the new name is: The Chitika Open House. Typically when a publisher experiences trouble optimizing, a first move is to remove that ad unit altogether. Our goal was to help our publishers find ways to increase revenue and decrease trouble, rather than remove Chitika products. A win/win situation if you ask me! We’ve been able to get to know publishers from all over the world without putting together what would be, quite a large gathering đŸ™‚ Although that would be fun, we’re pretty sure this was an easier solution.

A STEP UP! One month ago, we opened up Chitika SPHERE to the world. Instead of only Chitika members being able to receive free expert help, we wanted anyone who ever wondered if Chitika products would work well on their blogs/websites, to find out in The Chitika Open House without signing up first! So a big thanks to all our publishers who took the time to chat with our experts this past year! This is the best time of year to improve your ad units with expert optimizations- SO ASK NOW!

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-Karla Escolas Chitika CRM/Marketing