Reward quality? Duh… this is “common sense 101.” Of course we have always been a big believer of rewarding quality throughout our entire network. Publishers with quality sites have always automatically received higher revenue share because of what they bring to our network. So then whats up with this *new* Premium Publishers Club? This program was created for the best of the best publishers (our top guns) with a proven track record of consistent high quality traffic. While they are already getting rewarded with a higher revenue share, they will now have a chance to be part of our PremiumAds program which pays for impressions as well as clicks.

Paid for Impressions AND Clicks? Its simple. We are working with our advertisers to help acknowledge the branding value that our top publishers can offer so we can give our publishers the opportunity to earn revenue for impressions as well as clicks. And it doesn’t end there, the Premium Publisher Club has tons of exclusive features like real-time auditing, extensive one-on-one account management, customized ad-units and of course a cool new badge to show-off.

How do you qualify? Our account managers WILL find you 🙂 They are constantly monitoring our network to find the next rising stars. In case you’re curious, some of the factors they are looking for are:

  • You have used Chitika ads consistently and made at least $1000 over the past 90 days
  • AND / OR
  • You have a proven high-quality of traffic based on the feedback of our advertisers.

Are we ignoring the rest of our network? By giving special benefits to publishers we are in turn encouraging all our publishers to shoot for the stars with constant motivation to achieve higher quality. How do some of the publishers feel about it? You can take in some personal thoughts and proven effectiveness on And find an interesting review by Darren on