Publisher: Richard Schneider

When I first bought the domain name in 2003, I created a Photoshop service website where people could send their photos to be edited for a small fee. Unfortunately, I was unable to find very many interested customers so I tried adding an online gallery of some of the best photos that I have taken. But this still did not bring many visitors to the site. Almost a year later, I decided to scrap my initial idea and rebuild the site to be a free photography information resource. I thought it might be fun to build a site that conformed to some of my hobbies. I initially tried to monetize the new site with only Google Adsense which worked well but only with certain sections. Later on, I started adding information on specific products so I signed up with the Amazon affiliate program and others but had very little success with them.

When I first stumbled upon Chitika, I experimented with eMiniMalls on only a couple pages to see how well they performed and I was shocked to see how much more I could earn with Chitika than with the other solutions I had tried. After being a Chitika member for only a few days, I spent hours replacing other ad units with Chitika units. Soon after, my Chitika earnings surpassed my Adsense earnings to be my number one revenue source. reached a milestone at the end of last year by receiving more than 100,000 unique visitors in one month. This consequently required me to move it from a low budget hosting arrangement to a dedicated server (since my site has high resolution photos, I have burned through over 20 Gigabytes of bandwidth in a single day). My next goal is to keep making the site more and more useful until 200,000 unique visitors come in a single month.

I am very grateful to Chitika for helping me make my hobby into a small business. Also, if Ryan Travis gives you some optimization advice, it is probably in your best interest to give him your attention.


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