Have you added your input to the poll at the top of this blog? Well, many others have and good ol’ eMiniMalls seem to be your favorite Chitika product ad unit! Don’t forget to optimize ALL your ad units before the holiday shopping season by submitting your site to our optimization experts in our forum, Chitika SPHERE. What else can you do before the holiday shopping season? Your custom Holiday Shopping Store is ready! As a Chitika member already you can now login and grab the link to your online CPC holiday shopping store that is already set up for you. What this can do for you. By linking to your store from your website or blog you can earn some extra CPC revenue on all product listings within the store! CPC (cost-per-click) means you will earn revenue instantly, not when a product is purchased.

How important is having your own online customized CPC shopping store to you?

  Very important. I rely on this for most of my online revenue
  Somewhat, I am interested in experimenting with one
  Not really important, maybe some extra cash
  Would not benefit me at all