Does Chitika have a forum? Yes! Where hundreds of Chitika publishers exchange tips with hundreds of non-members. Chitika SPHERE is an information gateway; a place to chat with other users from all around the world and see how they are using Chitika to earn revenue. So, what are the 3 most-wanted answers to the top 3 questions in the forum?


Can I use Chitika alongside other ad services like Google AdSense? YES. Some of our clients who have contacted Google have been informed that it is ok to use eMiniMalls with Google Adsense when used in non-contextual mode. Chitika is happy to put this issue to rest on our part since we have absolutely no restrictions using any of Chitika’s ad units with others on your website or blog.


Do I need multiple Chitika accounts for multiple blogs/websites? No. If you currently have an account with Chitika you can use the same code on all of your blogs or websites as long as they meet our Terms of Service. To apply using multiple websites simply put each website url one after in your application.


Where should I place my Chitika ad units on my pages? This is the ultimate question, isn’t it? The answer is very different for everyone; so what can we do to help? For almost a year we provide free expert placement tips right in Chitika SPHERE – it’s easy and free. Just create your alias name and then submit your website for our experts to check out!