The members of our Premium Publishers Club are putting Sr. Account Manager Ryan Travis to work with requests for custom ad units, product categories and custom reporting – just a few of the many exclusive features offered in the Chitika Premium Publishers Club. He managed to break away for a moment from his avalanche of requests to provide some tips on getting on the right track to become a Premium Publisher in the Chitika network.

Once you have used Chitika ads consistently and made at least $1000 over the past 90 days and/or you have proven high-quality of traffic based on the feedback of our advertisers, I will find you and place you in my Premium Publishers Club. I am continuously checking my email and chatting with premium publishers to help out in any way I can. Do I love it? Of course, but just so you know, the more requests that I get, the less time I have for Halo 3 Team Slayer matches!”

 -Ryan Travis – Chitika Sr. Account Mgr. / Battle-Rifle Pro-Marksman

Our top publishers are extremely happy with the revenue results they are seeing with the Chitika | RPU. And remember – everyone can use optimizations help, so make your way to our forum and submit your website where Ryan leads the expert tips/optimization section.