Six months ago we held a huge blogging event right here on The Chitika Blog. An entire month of blogging wisdom from some of today’s internet thought leaders. It’s holiday shopping season, the best time to open this book for guidance. Lets go over a few of the best tips from this eBook:

  • Ten Secrets of an Earlier Adopter Tech Entrepreneur by Chris Pirillo he tells us:
  • “Ignore the echo chamber – Once everybody starts talking about it, you already missed you chance to be the early adopter” Who doesn’t want to be the king creator of original content? Take away message: Keep your content fresh!
  • Sell Without Selling -By Rosalind Gardner, she says:
  • “The point is to remember that our customers are likewise put off by the hype they too see every day, so it’s our job as online marketers to advise, recommend and endorse products rather than try to ‘sell’ them.” Rosalind knows how to bring you to the softer side of selling and when you think about it, it’s easy: Simply get to know your readers!
  • Dare to Be Eccentric, Manolo says:
  • “Do not be afraid to be seen as different, or even eccentric.” Leave it to Manolo to provide the simple advice that’s uplifting and grounding at the same time 🙂

That’s just 3 out of many tips from this one of a kind eBook: “Deep Secrets of Successful Blogging”. I’m sure you will find all 30 posts in here inspiring, some may even change the way you blog forever!