Myspace Tom, or Tom Anderson has been known as many things over the years; a phenomenon, a legend, and everybody’s friend. He was once my friend but I took him off my friends list mainly because I don’t keep anyone as a friend unless I know them, sorry Tom. Even though most of his 207718317 friends are there because they haven’t taken him off yet, I think he is liked among so many people on Myspace because he did something smart as President of the social network, and that was he leveled himself to being one of us. Even though he may have fibbed a little bit about his real age, he does a good job in making sure his Myspace profile looks as simple as the most basic Myspace page with information about who he is. Assuming what he says is true, we actually have something in common; we both like the TV show Lost 🙂 I guess the real proof of his fame comes from the number of comments he has: around 794526, and that’s just on his page. He has thousands on his profile pictures alone. Either way, he claims to answer questions if you ask him but he didn’t answer mine, o well.

I am curious.. has anyone asked Tom a question & did he answer you? -Karla Escolas Chitika CRM/Marketing