Tessa Rudd

“We saw our Dartmen on the ceiling!”

Our theme at this year’s Ad Tech NY was centered on targeting–Chitika’s ability to offer highly targeted advertising for our blogosphere network. It was a blast- we set up a dartboard and encouraged potential clients to try to hit a bullseye- if they did they got a $250.00 coupon towards a direct merchant advertising campaign. All visitors to our booth got a neat little Dartman that you can throw like dart (it sticks to just about anything) as a gift. Everyone loved them we found them all over the convention. Eventually people were coming to our booth specifically asking for them. Later we saw some of them on the ceiling! The Chitika Dartman!  Dan Dore, of Chitika’s Customer Support came along and did an amazing job at promoting the publisher side. A big thanks to everyone who came and chatted with us!  

Where can you meet Chitika next? Las Vegas for the BlogWorld & New Media Expo!! Stay tuned for updates on that!