By: Karla Escolas

“Chitika complements Adsense quite nicely:)”

Yesterday the newly redesigned Chitika | Linx ad unit was released to the Chitika publisher network. Linx first launched in May of this year and was released only to a select group of publishers for testing. Now after some upgrades in design and function, all Chitika users can grab this cool PPC unit. So now everyone wants to know- is the new Chitika | Linx compatible with Google Adsense? The answer is yes, you can use it with Google Adsense. Based on the changes in the terms of service of Google (in the last few months), we believe this is 100% compatible.

Get Linx Linx has a neat preview tool that shows how Linx will look on your blog right within the code panel. Login, click the “Linx Code” tab, enter your blog URL and click Preview!